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ScotWeek is very proud to announce the addition of award winning Scottish athlete Jarvina Routt to our advisory board.

Jarvina started her first full Highland Games season in 2016 and fell in love with the sport and the amazing people. After a year of competing in the Women’s A/Elite class she competed in the Women’s Lightweight class as well.

In August of 2018 Jarvina traveled to Scotland with a team of athletes to help expand the sport. The team consisted of adaptive and traditional athletes. While there the team competed at the Mey Highland Games where they got the honor of meeting HRH Prince Charles.

Later that year in November Jarvina traveled to Tucson, Arizona where she competed in the Women’s Lightweight National Championship and won Overall.

Now retired as a Lightweight, after breaking several world records and winning a National title, Jarvina is focused on expanding her career as a woman’s Professional athlete. Her love and passion for the sport goes well outside of the field as she works to reach future generations of throwers.

Outside of Highland Games Jarvina enjoys time with family. She was born, raised, and still resides in sunny Southern California with her husband Stan and son Isaiah.

We want to thank Jarvina in advance for her time and contribution to our vision of perpetuating our Scottish culture and heritage in the months to come.

Check out our interview with Jarvina Routt from our YouTube podcast series.

To meet the other members of the ScotWeek advisory board

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