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We hope that everyone out there is staying safe and making it through these trying times. Our hearts are with our medical professionals, first responders and those who may not have escaped Covid or it’s terrible effects.   We wanted to take a moment to recognize the success of the Virtual Tartan Day event and celebrate the amazing Scottish spirit that got everyone sitting down, logging in and joining us and NYC Tartan Week online to show off your Scottish pride.  The response was so much more than we could have ever imagined.

A message from our president:

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this very special Virtual Tartan Day possible! Our live broadcast was a great success. Heroes of the day included heartwarming stories and video submissions from around the world! Over 35 guests that included:

Essence of Harris, a small candle shop located on the Isle of Harris in the Hebrides, whose owner Jamie McGowan transformed production to manufacture hand-sanitizer. Jamie told us about how local distilleries donated the alcohol to help him in this effort!

Angels’ Share Glass, a whisky gift company based in Stirling, now developing the glass pieces that allow a ventilator to be shared by 2 people.

Actor Craig McGinlay (Outlander, King Arthur, Knightfall), who is helping connect front-line healthcare workers to the life-saving protective gear that they need!

Actors Sylvester McCoy (Dr Who, The Hobbit) and Grant O’Roarke (Outlander) who both made us laugh  hysterically at a time when we need to smile about something.

Graham McTavish (Outlander, the Preacher, Clan Lands), who finished off the day bringing us back down to earth by reflecting on what we should be thankful for (family, health and home) and urged us to look to the future.

Thank you Kyle Dawson, the President of our sister organization, New York City Tartan Week.

Thank you ScotWeek board members for your participation and support! Steve and Sandra Cooke, Gary Carr, Grant McTavish, Louis Fantasia, Dr Kenneth Misch, Sylvester McCoy and most especially director Kelsey Deanne and our digital media guru Diana MacFarlane of Red Rubber Media. I’m so proud to be part of ScotWeek!

Thank you to all the participants and guests as we streamed and recorded over 9 hours today!!!

Thank you, former Pipe Major of the Black Watch Daniel John Smith for your beautiful solo piping!

Thank you to the Black Watch of Montreal!

Thank you Dr. David Warburton, Vice President of the St Andrews’ Society of Los Angeles.

Thank you Richard Strayer and the Long Beach Pipe Band.

Thank you Mark Romano and the Ploughboys !!!

Thank you Denise McIntosh and Donald McIntosh of Clan Chattan!! Nicely done !

Thank you Michael MacFarlane, President of Clan MacFarlane, for the lovely message.  Loch Sloy!

Thank you Russell Dalgleish of the a Scottish Business Network!

And thank you to all who tuned in to ScotWeek’s Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts  to share an unforgettable day of reflection, well wishes, peace and music from around the world.

Love you all!!! Love, peace and light.

Cindi McIntosh
President, ScotWeek

See It Again!


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