Celebrating Scotland In America




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Whyare so many Americans obsessed with Scotland? Learn more from American highland dancers, highland game athletes, and bagpipers.

Celebrating Scotland in America Panel Featuring:

  • Cindi McIntosh, ScotWeek President and Official Piper for the Clan Chattan Association
  • Sage Tousey, Award-Winning Highland Dance
  • Jarvina Routt, Highland Games Athlete, World Record Holder

Scottish International Week 2020

From ScotWeek’s series of panel discussions during Scottish International Week – a week-long online conference uniting Scottish leaders from around the world who can share their experience, their insight, and how we together can support Scottish business. Join us as we broaden our horizons, inspire, and discover global opportunities and celebrate our shared culture, innovations, competitive advantages, and future opportunities.

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Hosted by ScotWeek President Cindi McIntosh and Vice President Kelsey Deanne.

Sponsored by the Scottish Business Network. Scottish Business Network is an organisation created to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between a network of the leading Scottish diaspora around the globe in order to proactively assist and support Scottish based companies expand internationally.

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