Scottish Actors: From Stage To Screen




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FromStage to Screen, Scotland to India, and the even cosmic time travel, Scottish actors get around. Please join us in taking a deep look into how these multi-talented actors first got the acting bug, what makes being a Scot unique in the entertainment industry, the positives and challenges of filming in Scotland, and what it was like working on everything from Dr. Who, Outlander, The Hobbit, War Horse, and more!


  • Sylvester McCoy, Dr. Who
  • Tony McGeever, Warhorse
  • Grant 0’Rourke, Outlander
  • Kelsey Deanne, Actress/ScotWeek VP
  • Cindi McIntosh, ScotWeek President

Scottish International Week 2020

From ScotWeek’s series of panel discussions during Scottish International Week – a week-long online conference uniting Scottish leaders from around the world who can share their experience, their insight, and how we together can support Scottish business. Join us as we broaden our horizons, inspire, and discover global opportunities and celebrate our shared culture, innovations, competitive advantages, and future opportunities.

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Hosted by ScotWeek President Cindi McIntosh and Vice President Kelsey Deanne.

Sponsored by the Scottish Business Network. Scottish Business Network is an organisation created to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between a network of the leading Scottish diaspora around the globe in order to proactively assist and support Scottish based companies expand internationally.

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